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All services provided by LLH are conducted within the deadlines defined at the start of a study. Throughout the study, and even afterwards, a LLH specialist is available to respond to your request and give you the best advice.


Data collection is the essential basis of research. Thanks to its rigor and extensive fieldwork experience, LLH is able to provide you with high quality and robust data.


Thanks to our specialization  in beauty, we offer a unique expertise with our experts who are constantly monitoring the market in order to provide solutions tailored to the very specific requirements of this sector.


As a market research agency specialized 100% in Fragrance and Cosmetics, our mission is to provide you with an ad hoc research solution, customized to your objectives. We assist you on all your market research problematics, from fieldwork operation to the interpretation of the findings in order to deliver valuable and insightful results.

our HISTOry

Implementation of a countrywide interviewers network, and from then on, well-known for its high quality fieldwork services

As a result of its experience in beauty and personal care, and backed by its clients, LLH opens its market research department and becomes a full-service company under the management of Stéphane and Marc L’Honoré.   

Lysiane L'Honoré, founder of LLH, started conducting her first sniff tests as interviewer.

LLH is officially created and takes off internationally

The company expands its fieldwork expertise to include FMCG/SHOPPER (Quantitest) and consumer panels (SLH Quali).

LLH becomes a Market Research agency.

JUSALIMA is formed and LLH operates as the flagship company.

 LLH opens in New York City.

 LLH will be opening a subsidiray in China.

our HISTOry

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